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EXTENDING THE BOW ANCHOR ROLLER:  The original anchor roller was almost flush with the stem, which was marked with evidence of anchor contact. I have extended the rollers (2 small synthetic ones side by side) out from the stem about 120mm. This was achieved by bolting 10mm hard allow plates to the existing  chromed bronze stem head casting. There is a layer of marine sealant between the two types of metal.

Why alloy? Firstly it is much kinder to anchor chains than harder metals. Secondly I could easily shape alloy myself, so no labour cost were incurred.  Corrosion will happen eventually – but to the aluminium. The alloy plate material cost $20, the stainless bolts I had.

I do not use this fitting to moor the boat. Advice was that the bronze will easily stand any torsional strain when the boat is at anchor.