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Inflatable repairs


Difficult to patch holes . Sometimes you get a leak where a patch cannot be used ie over a seam or close to a rubbing strip or other hard plastic fitting. The following product was recommended to me and it works. Sometimes you have to reapply but it is quick to dry, just a few minutes. The product is Selleys plastic glue which can be purchased at any Selleys bar for about $14.00. It is a two part product with a primer and essentially instant glue. See following http://www.selleys.com.au/adhesives/household-adhesive/quick-fix-adhesive/plastics-glue/

Bostich 999 . This an expensive two pot contact glue sold at Sailors Corner ($60.00 approx
)  and in a kit at Burnsco. The product does not come with any explicit instructions from Sailors Corner so you presume you use it like a normal contact adhesive. It will work like this but find full instructions from Naiad inflatables for full instructions 


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