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In this section will be included new products or old products that have stood the test of time. If you have used a product that has been successful and you can recommend send me the details. clemguildford@gmail.com




Selleys Plastic Glue 


 Sometimes you get a leak where a patch cannot be used ie over a seam or close to a rubbing strip or other hard plastic fitting. The following product was recommended to me and it works. Sometimes you have to reapply but it is quick to dry, just a few minutes. The product is Selleys plastic glue which can be purchased at any Selleys bar for about $14.00. It is a two part product with a primer and essentially instant glue. See following http://www.selleys.com.au/adhesives/household-adhesive/quick-fix-adhesive/plastics-glue/

 PVC Inflatables, small air leak repair

PVC inflatables seem to become porous over time.If you can find no obvious holes but your inflatable deflates all the time this may be the reason. A product I found and used with success on a well used  8-9 year old Maxxon is available at this address  


This product works in the same way as emergency tire repairs. A latex product is introduced through the valve and the boat inflated. You then rotate the boat in all directions to provide a coating of product on all internal surfaces. Where there is a small leak the product will ooze out drying quickly on contact with the air and fixing the hole. Unfortunately it was not successful on the airdeck so a replacement inflatable for the next season .


Loctite,  Freeze and release .





Loctite Freeze and Release Penetrating Oil

Loctite® Freeze & Release penetrating oil instantly freezes seized and rusted bolts, nuts and studs down to -38°F (-39°C). The exceptional shock-freeze effect of this penetrating oil causes microscopic cracks in the layer of rust, allowing the lubricating ingredient to wick directly into the rust by capillary action. The rusted bolt assembly can be easily dismantled after allowing only 1-2 minutes penetration time.

How it Works

Loctite® Freeze & Release instantly chills seized and rusted parts (bolts, nuts, studs) down to -39°C. The exceptional shock-freeze effect causes microscopic cracks in the layer of rust, allowing the lubricating ingredient to wick directly into the rust by capillary action. The assembly can be easily dismantled after allowing 1-2 minutes reaction time.

Product Features & Benefits

  • Shock freezing, -38°F (-39°C) is a quick and convenient method for releasing seized and rusted bolts, nuts and screws. The penetrating oil provokes differential thermal contraction of the parts due to the abrupt, nearly instantaneous freezing. Cracks opened in the layer of rust allow penetration of the lubricating ingredient.
  • Capillary effect achieves fast and efficient wicking of the penetrating oil into the layer of rust (capillary effect is the ability of liquids to wet freely the surface of objects and wick very quickly into hairline cracks, even up a height against the force of gravity).
  • Released parts remain lubricated and protected from corrosion.
Bird repellent. If you are having problems keeping bird shit off your boat and find putting up and taking down netting a pain this product may help.Wingo We have used this product both at home and on the boat with reasonable success to date.The product comes in a cartridge tube is a sticky yellow product with a smell . On the boat so as not to have to take time removing it ,which is difficult, I ran a strip of duct tape where ever I wished to apply the product and applied the product to that. When I arrive at the boat to use it I remove the duct tape and product and discard it.It is available . Info about product at
This product and another similar are both available from Mitre 10

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