Raven Yacht Owners Association

Keeping Raven Yacht Owners in touch with each other

This section is being developed to cover all the repairs, upgrades etc undertaken on the various Raven Yachts. By contributing to this you will hopefully help all owners to make good decisions by using the past experience of other owners. All contributions or questions to clemguildford@gmail.com.

The following format is going to be used so that when you look in any area the information will be presented in a consistent format. You do not have to send the info in this format as I will sort it out but it would help. Photos can be included.

What was the project ?. e.g. replace windows

Reason for the project ?. e.g. windows leaking

Cause of problem if any?. e.g seaant failed

Any diagnostic efforts?. e.g. hosed down boat to identify area of leaks

Solutions and or products considered?. e.g. Sika sealant

Reason for selection of proposed solution?. e.g. Good reviews on marine sites

Undertaking project.

Process of removal ; any tips to make job easier. Pitfalls, things not to do.

Process of replacement. any tips of pitfalls to consider.

Final outcome.

Anything you would have done differently.

Approximate cost

Approximate time involved including personal involvement.

Contractors used, contact details.

Products used, cost, location of purchase, contact details.