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  •  Class rules for rigging, Raven 31
  • Manual for old type furlex furler


 Rigging. Class rules for rigging on Raven 26

All rigging to be stainless or galvanised wire

  •  Side stays: Outer side stay to be attached within 460mm from the top of the mast to outer Ubolt held by chainplate mounted on the front extreme outer side of the main cabin bulkhead. One only inner stay attached to the cross tree height and to inner Ubolt held by chain plate mounted on the front extreme outer side of main cabin bulkhead.
  • inner forestay: At owners option. Not to be used for the hanking on of sails and to be attached no higher than crosstree height.
  • Forestay: To be fasened on standard forestay fitting on the bow and to the top of the mast, adjustment only by standard rigging screw.

 Rigging. Class rules for rigging on Raven 31.  


  •  The rigging to be as shown on the plan
  • All rigging wire to be stainless or galvanised wire
  • Wire used for side stays and forestay shall have a minimum breaking strength equivalent to 6mm stainless steel wire and for the backstay 5mm wire
  • Tensioning devices for the backstay and boom vang are optional but hydraulic adjusters are specifically prohibited.
  • Forestay adjustment only by standard rigging screw.
  • Running backstays are not permitted for ROA races.
  • A self tacking headsail is optional.



The mast shall be stepped on the keel. The mast shall be aluminium and can be extruded from the following dies.

Forster F16-18.    Baverstock BS19     Intermark IM 15   Sparloft SP 145 Yachtspars die 14-15.

Other sections may be approved at the discretion of the ROA committee. Height of the mast above the deck collar pad to the top of the extrusion  11.8 metres
+/- 25mm.

Height to the centre of the spreaders from deck collar pad 5.2 metres +/- 25mm .Intersection of forestay above collar pad 9.4metres +/- 25mm.

Intersection of capshrouds 1 metre +/- 200mmm op of boom above deck collar pad 860mm.

Height of spinnaker halyard exit box above forestay intersection 462mm.

Spreader length  1015

Spinnaker Pole Maximum length 3.96mm. recommended gauge 2.5'' 10 gauge.

Boom, No restriction on boom section.







Manual for old style furlex furler. ( contributed by Alan Beedle)


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