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Throttle and gearbox controls.

There are two components to the controls i.e. the control arm in the cockpit and the cables to the throttle and gearbox.

Reason for replacement  Problems generally exhibit themselves by difficulties getting into or out of gear and changes in the throttle position to get the required RPM. If you are having problems in this area inspect the cable ends very carefully before looking at the control arm. It is generally best to replace the cables before looking any further , a mistake we made.The controllers are generally very robust and rarely fail.


Cables. Remove cables and get new cables to closely match the lenght of the existing. They do not have to be exact but better a little longer than shorter.  Replacing the cables is generally straight forward. Just make sure you have the gearbox in the neutral position before attaching at the control end. MOST IMPORTANT HAVE SOMEONE WITH YOU WHEN TESTING THE CONTROL AND CABLES. You need to turn the motor over when moving the controller in and out of gear or you will damage the cables.

Controller, In our case there was nothing wrong with the controller but we though otherwise. The old controller was showing its age so we were not unhappy with the way things turned out.

Replacing the controller is again generally straight forward as any controller using the same type of cables will operate in a similar manner. However the hole in the cockpit for the controller may not match the hole of required for the previous controller. We replaced a Morse 33c with Tenix offered as a replacement for the former. However the hole size had to be smaller as the fixing points for the new controller ended up in fresh air.

We solved the problem by getting a  3 mm stainless plate made with the appropriate hole and fixing points. We bolted this to the cockpit side and fitted the new controller. Looks and works great.

PARTS. Controller and cables from Burnsco. Stainless Steel  Steelliotts from on the hard Half Moon Bay.

Fitting, our trusty mechanic who does all our mechanicals , Jason Stock from Rangitoto Marine ph 0272723113.